Four Horny Guys Fucking Outdoors

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It was our last night in Texas and the boys were all pumped up for a little going away orgy.  Rex was the first one to bring it up and before I knew it, there were naked bodies everywhere.  I can’t begin to tell you how hot it was that Texas night.  The crickets were loud, the bugs were huge and sweat was dripping from every pore.  It definitely set the stage for some of the nastiest sex we have produced here at Southern Strokes. Rex was the ringleader of the group egging the rest of them on to join him.  We set up a bench in the middle of the yard and surrounded it with lights and cameras and let the boys go at it.  They had been partying all day so all inhibitions (I’m not sure they had any to begin with) were thrown out the window and anything and everything was fair game. was the first one to strip down to a jock strap and lay on his back on the bench.  Ricky and Sal got into some hot 69 action while Rex was mounting Haigan’s huge package right next to them. They were so close that sweat was spraying them down as they pumped and sucked.  Sal started to suck off beefy Haigan as Rex worked his majic on Ricky’s huge cock. Everybvody got fucked accept our total top Haigan.  Believe me we all tried to get him to go there but he just wasn’t ready to turn the corner.  One of the highlights (and there are many) is a train where Ricky is getting pounded by Sal who is getting pounded by Rex who is getting pounded by Haigan’t monster meat.  Sal made sure that he was in the right place when it came time for the boys to shoot their loads.  Haigan went first and sprayed down Sal’s face as he made him eat it.  Then Rex and Ricky proceeded to drency Sal’s face with two huge loads.  This one is hot in more ways than one.

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